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“I think every American citizen ought to have a good idea of how the criminal justice system functions. Not because they’ll necessarily be directly involved in it, but so when they read a story in the paper, they can understand what is really going on; so when they vote for politicians, they comprehend better what the issues are and can make an informed choice.”

Christopher Slobogin
Christopher Slobogin
Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law
Director, Criminal Justice Program
Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry

As organizations pursue opportunities to leverage customer data, globally outsource operations, and navigate environmental regulations, it’s especially crucial to apply legal knowledge to identify areas of legal risk, maintain regulatory compliance, and navigate the legal issues that affect businesses. A Master of Legal Studies degree can be a valuable asset for a wide variety of professions that engage with the law, including jobs in compliance, healthcare, real estate, insurance, business, and human resources.

The need for non-lawyer professionals with an understanding of legal studies continues to grow. There are many opportunities for professionals with legal knowledge in the business world. Below are just some of the careers that can benefit from obtaining a Master of Legal Studies.

Master of Legal Studies Careers Salaries
Compliance Manager $80,681
Contracts Manager $85,176
Human Resources Manager $70,550
Mediator $63,108
Paralegal/Legal Assistant $50,308

Sources: Lightcast™ and Payscale

Compliance Manager

Average salary: $80,681

Compliance managers ensure that an organization is compliant with any and all mandatory regulations. Primary responsibilities include establishing, documenting, and updating compliance processes. In addition, professionals in compliance must identify compliance requirements, and investigate and review compliance issues. Compliance managers file the appropriate forms and communicate emerging compliance issues with management, employees, and other stakeholders.

Contracts Manager

Average salary: $85,176

A contracts manager drafts, reviews, and executes contracts between organizations and their clients or vendors. These professionals also serve as a point of contact for clients and vendors, and make sure all parts of a contract are completed fully, accurately, and on-time. Contracts managers also collaborate with finance and legal departments.

Human Resources Manager

Average salary: $70,550

As a human resources manager, you oversee the development of employees in an organization and serve as a liaison between employers and leadership or union representatives. Some tasks that a human resources manager takes on include recruiting, hiring, and training employees; managing employee benefits including compensation, workplace savings, insurance, and employee leave; establishing employee conduct policy; and maintaining compliance with employment regulations.


Average salary: $63,108

A mediator negotiates legal conflicts between consenting parties outside of the courtroom. Some of the tasks for professionals in mediating roles include facilitating communications between disputing parties and guiding them toward mutual agreement; establishing procedural matters like fees and meeting times; collecting evidence; interviewing witnesses; and preparing settlement agreements.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Average salary: $50,308

Paralegals and legal assistants serve as support staff in law offices. Their administrative tasks include legal writing and research, drafting documents to be filed, and preparation for trials and hearings, including discovery.

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